For every photographer there are moments when they need ideas, motivation, the spark to go outside to take pictures. Sometimes you feel without ideas, like you’ve already taken pictures of everything there is in your neighbourhood, and it’s not like you can just go on a trip somewhere just to take photos whenever you like. Especially if photography is not your main income and there is an everyday job taking up a lot of your time.

Checking other photographers’ works lets you not only enjoy stunning photos on a regulare basis, it can also provide you with ideas, motivation and even insights into different techniques and compositions. Below you find a list of several instagram accounts which are worth following:

Thomas Heaton

For me, one of the most amazing and inspiring landscape photographers out there.

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Rach Stewart

Based in Mt Maunganui, NZ Ambassador: Canon NZ | Nisi Filters | Fstopgear

Rob Morello

Melbourne based Landscape Photographer


The best long exposure shots on IG

Julien Folcher

Landscape and cityscape amateur photographer.

Mads Peter Iversen Photography

Landscape Photographer and YouTuber from Denmark

Live Breathe Shoot 🇮🇸 Iceland

Inspiration from Iceland!